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The Minogue Times –

September 2011


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  • “We have to decide in a very simple way, what is necessary, and then settle down to the quiet process of achieving it.” Manly P. Hall
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The Minogue Times—September, 2011

“Social Networks Can’t Replace Socializing—A study found that the best scientific research was done when scientists work within roughly 30 feet of each other—face to face.” Wall Street Journal, August 6-7, 2011

  • 1) September the 9th month
  • 2) Question and Answer
  • 3) View from the Freeway
  • 4) Trends
  • 5) Ponder This
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1) September—the meaning of the 9th month.

I hope you have used 2011 productively because the year is winding down now. This is not your start up

Completion Time

month. It is the 9th month, the completion number. 9 is the final number. We start with “0” and end in “9”. Nine invites us to look at what we started way back in January and February. What seeds were we planting? Did they grow? Did you weed and water the garden? What type of crop did you harvest? Take a look at yourself and your direction during the 9th month. Are you pleased with the decisions you made and the results of those decisions?

We use the word nine in our slang expressions to always suggest a finale. “The whole 9 yards”, the grand finale, “the cat has 9 lives”, the final life, “possession is 9/10th of the law”, if you have it, you own it, “cloud nine” (our happiest moment) and, of course, “a stitch in time, saves nine” (taking care of small steps, saves you from having to take large steps later). Nine represents the highest obtainable achievement of an endeavor. That is why every moment counts, every day counts, every month counts and when all is said and done, we are a-count-able ourselves. Tie up loose ends this month. Put your effort into what has been going on prior to September. You can have many ideas of things to do and wish to do but now, it is to focus on what you have done and what needs perfection and completion. “Dress to the 9’s” this month and look good while you do it.

2) Question and Answer: (From Flower Newhouse’s book “Here Are Your Answers”

Why am I so limited in worldly goods?

“Insufficient desire”. It is as easy as that! Having a most unselfish nature, you are not fervent enough in your desire for supply. Make it a point daily to meditate upon large sums of substance coming to you through the Love of God. Again, before retirement……Keep treating for the perfecting of your own family’s income lest you give all your spare moments to prayers for others….

There comes a time in our inner growth when we are commanded to right our own lives—to set them in healthful mental order. Take time to do this thoroughly. Later, you can diminish your treatments for self as you enlarge your wishes for the world.”


How can one rise above a poverty condition that may be due to a karmic reaping?


If a person suffers unusual reverses, it is very likely the consequence of unpaid karma. In such a case, where poverty and trouble is carried over from a previous life, one must get to the cause that brought on this consequence. Many times the factor which began this condition was greed, hoarding or dishonesty. In this life the individual should not only educate his/her consciousness to accept the realization of new progress, but he or she needs to be most unselfish, honest and willing to serve for the privilege of rendering service, rather than to receive the reward of labor.

3) View from the Freeway

My view from the freeway today is quite smoggy. It is hard to see bright blue skies although I know they are there. It is so similar to what we are experiencing both individually and collectively. No matter how often I say it, that it is a 12 year process of change and contraction, it still amazes people that things are not improving right away or should be by next year—or certainly shortly. Hey, why isn’t it all blue skies and puffy clouds now? Talk about frustrating! I am getting many requests and hearing all kinds of stories of despair, fear and worry. It is so understandable when nothing really seems to be working properly and even the rich have cut back on some of their investments.

Creating income right now still requires the same principles. Visualize what you want, expect divine assistance, tell no one of your plans, give thanks in advance, take action and when it shows up, share it. One of the new trends coming out of this period is that we are giving up on the idea that our good or income or wealth comes from a job. Go back to a book written in 1995 by Jeremy Rifkin called “The End of Work”. All of this work ending in America, as we did it in the “old” days, is fading away. Boutique knowledge and expertise are winning out. That is one reason why Silicon Valley is doing well in Northern California while other parts of the country are suffering. This is a “boutique knowledge” region. We need more of them in different areas. Boutique knowledge in education, in health, in technology, in law, in food science, in energy, in medicine, in building and so many other areas. Bring back education that will teach us specifics.

We Need Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Creating the Next Winner

We need hot houses of entrepreneurs all over the country putting ideas, products and services together that people will use and buy. 70% of American GDP comes from consumer buying activity right here at home. We really don’t make the bulk of our money from exports. The bulk of our money is made by buying and selling our own stuff. Thank goodness. Just think how challenged it would be for us if we were mainly an exporting nation. How scary is that? We would always be at the mercy of other countries to buy our goods for our survival.

Who Will Buy This Used Desk—Hardly ever used?

Do not expect Washington to behave better. It remains a sideshow of special interests, personal gain and concentration of power. Both parties! Remember, we are revisiting the seeds that we planted back in 1776. It is similar to a review period. Hmmmmm, let’s see. What have we been doing for the past 235 years? Maybe we need to rewrite some of this stuff. Maybe we need to get rid of all these things we bought over the last 235 years. Just think of it as a large piece of property you purchased and over the last 235 years, you have filled every room with gadgets and trinkets, the furniture is sagging, too many parties have taken place at this property, too many drunks, too many free loaders and the plumbing and wiring are really out of date. In fact, it looks as if it could use a facelift and a garage sale.

Let’s get rid of the excess, let’s clean out the garage, get rid of some of the groundskeepers and let’s update the

Cleaning House Together

plumbing and wiring so we don’t flood it out or burn it down. In short, let’s do this safely, intelligently and with a plan with good strategies and tactics. Who should we entrust to oversee the process? Is there any one out there who has the intelligence, leadership skills, strength, daring, nobility, vision and experience to lead the remodeling of this country? From the cast of characters in both parties, to date, I do not see that person.

Why DID We Go Into Libya?

Economists call this cycle of time a “recession”. It is so much more than a recession. It is a “redo”. We are doing over the country. We are going within to reflect on what we need to do. This is one reason why we are not interested in “wars” and our involvement in them. You will not see us coming in on horses to save the Middle East. We will still support our vested interests but we will not be shipping out our soldiers and we don’t have the money for nation building. (Libya’s eastern area, where the rebels began the freedom ride, was also the location where China had huge interests in energy resources. Remember 30,000 Chinese had to leave this portion of Libya in the face of the revolt. By supporting the air war for Libyan rebels, America avoided a direct face to face confrontation with China while still preventing China from creating its own energy independence.)

This indirect confrontation of war has been brewing for quite some time but America is now in an 80 year period away from war. At last. Everything must come in its own timing. We were not ready for a downsizing 10 years ago and we will not be in this restriction 10 years from now. Remember, have a 3 year plan and a 10 year plan.

We can’t afford the upkeep of the old “property”. Just as the citizens of the United States are giving up their homes, their jobs, their pension plans, their comforts, the government itself will have to do the same. Government jobs will continue to contract and that will affect salaries and benefits of government workers. Some states will downsize to only part time legislators.

4) Trends

Where do I begin, there are so many:

New broadband system will have the go ahead to offer satellite-based service directly to businesses and home consumers. The entire country will have more competition and faster connections. Problems with GPS devices that interfere with the signals will create problems that must be solved. This should begin by year end.

Cost of borrowing will still stay cheap.

Corporate profits will slow in 2012 as consumers continue to squeeze spending.

Housing won’t recover any time soon. Either hunker in or get out and cut your losses. Every week I hear more stories of short sales or becoming prisoners of their own homes since they cannot sell. Banks have NOT been forced to cooperate with the homeowner. Until they do, do not expect support from them. Expect turnaround in 2015-2016. Good recovery by 2020.

Congress has been focused on the deficit. This is like focusing on the roof while the sides of the house are on fire. It will not improve job creation or the housing market. Unless there is constructive change in these two areas, expect more decline. At one time the banks came to us for money for their survival (including AIG). They paid us back with little or no interest payment to the taxpayer. (TARP program) As Main Street turns to the banks for help to save their houses or change their loans, the doors are closed. Congress does not seem to realize or will not realize the inequity of this situation. They have their homes, incomes, health benefits, pension benefits and expenses paid by us. They live now in the cocoon of Washington where house values are rising and most jobs and businesses are tied to the Federal government–hence very low unemployment.

Unemployed, underemployed, newly employed, foreclosed homeowners cannot contribute to politicians. Banks, Wall Street, Unions can. Follow the money trail–always.

Expect those in the law profession to be forced to lower their hourly fee and to slice and dice their services. Just as we have nurse practitioners in the medical field, expect to have similar in the law profession. Prior to getting a law degree, question yourself if it is worth the serious student loans you will have to pay on a smaller salary than anticipated.

All So. Koreans textbooks go digital by 2015

Expect more of these “earth” changes as we travel through the Ken Period during the Jupiter Period of the “IChing”. Ken is mountain energy. Expect more earthquakes, mining accidents, volcano eruptions, tsunamis from earthquakes. This period started in 2004 and changes in 2024. Keep your insurance paid

Scary piece from the Beverly Hills Courier (local Beverly Hills newspaper):

Happy Children and Nanny

They are reporting on an Assembly Bill that is rapidly moving through the California legislature. This Assembly Bill 889, if passed, forces parents to keep complete payroll records, have workers compensation insurance, offer meals, breaks (with substitute caregivers) and overtime for their babysitters. Failure to do so results in large fines and lawsuits.

Wait—there is more—AB 889 continues to say that household “employers” who hire a babysitter on a Friday night will be legally obligated to pay at least minimum wage to any sitter over the age of 18 (unless a family member), provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers’ compensation coverage, overtime and a calculated timecard/paycheck. Failure to do so may result in a legal cause of action against the employer including cumulative penalties, attorneys’ fees, legal costs and expenses associated with hiring expert witnesses.—WOW—Do I smell a new class of workers for unions to control?

Who is nuts here? How do these people get elected? Of course, we know how. By you and me!

This bill, if it passes, due to the unreasonable costs and risks contained in it will discourage folks from hiring housekeepers, nannies and babysitters and increase the use of institutionalized care rather than allowing children, the sick or the elderly to be cared for in their homes. To learn more about the text and status of this bill, you can access from the website

5) Ponder This—Egg Rolls with Your Hot Dog

Hot Dogs and Egg Rolls

The latest from the Los Angeles Dodgers (formerly known as Brooklyn) is breathtaking. The Los Angeles Times is reporting on September 2nd that the embattled owner, Frank McCourt, has received a $1.2 billion offer for the club from the LA businessman Bill Burke. Now, you know, of course, that Frank McCourt filed bankruptcy for the Dodger team a few months ago after he and his former wife drove it into the ground by using it as their own bank accounts.

It seems that some “unspecified” share of this $1.2 billion is to come from “certain state-owned investment institutions of the People’s Republic of China. Of course, the sale will have to get the blessings of Bud Selig, Major League Baseball Commissioner. Is this a Linda Blair, Exorcism head turner?

I might be able to go to Dodger Stadium and get egg rolls with my Dodger Dogs. Will we be able to keep the colors Dodger Blue or maybe we’ll be Dodger Red. It has all kinds of possibilities. Will we sing the national anthem in Mandarin as well as English?

Remember, Los Angeles is ground zero for trends – good and bad. We have 39 languages spoken in Los Angeles city schools. In public schools, 6 years of combined languages are taught to the students. Such as English and Spanish, English and Korean and English and Mandarin. Over 60% of the households in Los Angeles do not speak English as their primary language in the home. I recently took my visiting grandson on a city tour. We had a good time. The first day I took him to an Egyptian restaurant near UCLA where is discovered the hookah and great Italian vanilla soda. We also went to the Museum of Tolerance where we took a 2 1/2 tour of the Holocaust Museum. At the end we had an incredible female Polish survivor of the camps speak for over an hour. We had dinner that night at my favorite Indian restaurant. The next day we went to a French crepe restaurant for breakfast where our waiter came from Croatia.

Why do we and now “they” keep coming here? Freedom, freedom, freedom. Keep it open and benevolent. Keep it lawful and orderly. Keep it free from religion and freedom of religion. Remember you are not “lucky”, you are “Blessed”.

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