The Minogue Times – Monthly Newsletter March 2011(archive)

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter


The Minogue Times – Monthly Newsletter

March 2011


— Trends Numerology and More —


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Table of Contents:

  1. The importance of March and the number three in Numerology
  2. Question and Answer
  3. View from the Freeway
  4. Upcoming Events

1) The Importance of March—the Third month of the Year

At last, spring will spring itself and we are off to the races. Whether you have snow on the ground or rose buds on the

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter

bushes (here in Southern California), you are ready to move out and up. You can feel the difference once you left February and January behind. The energy is expansive and lighter.

The No. 3 is the number of creation—one, two, three go! We have combined the one and the two and have created a third. “Two things cannot be rightly put together without a third; there must be some bond of union between them.” Plato. We now have the triangle to build our year upon.

Do not waste the energy of this month. From now through September, work, be productive and get your projects done. The energy is strong now and remains strong to support you. Start your projects. Put your ideas into action. Don’t waste your energy, money or your time. Your best months to accomplish goals are now through September. You can be more frivolous with your time near the end of the year. Not now!

2) Question and Answer:

From the writings of Flower Newhouse:

When is adversity a punishment and when is it a lesson?


“Not all of our spiritual lessons are ‘punishments,’ but all of our adversities are lessons.” A person who has lived an exemplary life for several lives may develop a one-sided nature so that some part of his character has been neglected. For instance, this person might be too passive, too gentle. If this is the case, then in another incarnation he or she would be placed in situations where self-assertiveness and independence would be developed throughout childhood or a life of struggle.

Remember you never know the entire story of a person’s life. We are always bringing with us past life memory and karmic or dharmic lessons from our pasts.

Bottom line:

Be very aware of how you respond to individuals and situations. Look back at your life with “loving eyes”. You are germinating the seeds for future lives. No one is to blame and you are not a victim.

3) View from the Freeway:

I am getting so many comments and questions from you regarding the government and world affairs. Let’s talk about

a few of the issues: Remember you can sign up for my teleseminar on March 14th and learn more about our current times, trends and how to help yourself with all the changes.

Inside Job:

an inside job

an inside job

Run, walk or skip to see the Academy Award winner for the Best Documentary “The Inside Job”. This is an excellent look at the reasons for the 2008 financial collapse and how and why it happened. You owe it to yourself to sit and learn what is going on with your money and your government. It is a shocking indictment of many areas, the government, Wall Street, the economic university professors and so called paid “experts” who helped design the collapse. If you think it has been fixed, think again. It has not. In fact it is probably more dangerous now than before.

As recent as Saturday, February 26th 2011 in a Wall Street Journal article by David Reilly, it quotes Thomas Hoenig, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. “A proposed accounting change spotlights the problem. A draft rule issued in January would require companies to show the total value of derivative assets and liabilities on balance sheets, rather than netting them off against each other. …..This would balloon the balance sheets of those usingderivatives. ….An examination of how the change will play out shows just how concentrated derivatives use remains within just a handful of the biggest banks…..The disparities are striking. So is the concentration among big banks….With the financial sector having so much more exposure to derivatives than all of the other sectors combined, it makes you wonder, who is on the other side of all those derivative contracts—could it be with hedge funds, individual pension plans, governments etc.?—or is the financial sector simply entering into derivative transactions amongst themselves?”

The latter explanation may well be the case given banks’ need to hedge their own massive loan and securities portfolios. If so, it bolsters Mr. Hoenig’s claim that the systemic risk from too-big—to-fail firms is, if anything, ‘even worse than before the crisis.”

Bottom Line:

The same players– elected and appointed officials, lobbyists, investment banks, trading firms, insurance companies and economists have woven their way through several administrations (about 30 years worth—including Reagan) and are heavily involved in the current Obama administration. Nothing much has changed. You will not see change until the citizens wake up and are really heard. This is only one example of why this time period is similar to the time of our first revolution in 1776. At that time it was oppression by King George. It is now oppression by our own government and the Wall Street corporations that control it.

Big Changes to Come:

The planets and numbers are lining up for the changes to come. We launch a brand new transit on March 11th and it is very long in time, approximately 8 years. It will create sudden upheavals and abrupt change. We have been waiting for this helpful period to be a catalyst of change for the world and definitely for the United States. It will affect the country in a dramatic way. More on this in my teleseminar.

Bottom Line:

Prepare yourself for the unexpected. Get out of debt, keep some cash in the house, get actively involved in citizen participation—write (that really gets noticed) or email your government leaders. You can try phoning but it gets less attention. The most attention is in handwritten letters. Join groups that you believe in and lend your energy and support to them. Be very discerning. Stop ranting and complaining. Take constructive action.

Government Pensions:

THE MINOGUE TIMES - Numerology Newsletter

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter

Pensions are in jeopardy. This is only one trend. Those of the private sector who are responsible for their own 401K plans already know this. The guaranteed government pensions are what is in question. The government worker unions are in a unique position. They fund and support their employer’s job—the elected government official. Because of this, it cannot be an honest relationship. Government worker unions will have to really understand the dynamics of this compromised relationship and how much it costs the taxpayer. They are fighting for a cause that has

a flawed base.

Bottom Line:

As government workers are laid off to pay the pensions, services will continue to be cut. The taxpayer loses all the way around. “The time has come” the walrus said, there will be government pension reform. The marches and protests will increase but the change will come.

The Middle East

The Middle East is going through a Renaissance. It will take some time to happen so you can expect more upheaval and chaos until this area calms down (by 2024). People want freedom. Their souls know that its rightful place is in freedom. This area has really been oppressed for hundreds of years. What the citizen wants is a seat at the table with the rest of the world. It isn’t about religion as much as it is an economic condition and the right to have freedom of religion or freedom “from” religion. This will impact women and as we move ahead into the number 2000, female presence will grow and so will her influence.

Bottom Line:

The region will continue to shake out its leaders. As it matures into itself, it will begin to focus more on the economics of the region. This will begin the beginning of the end of the Western bad guys. As each country overturns its leaders (some will have to overturn them again and again), they will want more of the basics of life, food, shelter and clothing. This will take priority over religion. It will not be easy and it will take some time but it has begun. Remember America’s Revolution took many years in coming—the seeds going back to the French and Indian Wars. After the Declaration of Independence was declared in 1776, it was followed by 10 years of war. It wasn’t until 1787 that we started to write the constitution. It was until 1920 that women got the right to vote.

So be patient with what is going on in this region and see a bigger picture.

America’s Destiny

America has a specific destiny and “invisible guidance”. As

THE MINOGUE TIMES - Numerology Newsletter

THE MINOGUE TIMES – Numerology Newsletter

Franklin Roosevelt put it so well “There is a mysterious cycle in human events. To some generations much is given. Of other generations, much is expected. This generation of American’s has a rendezvous with destiny.”

You will be hearing much over the next 13 years that will seem “revolutionary” in nature. America is under the guidance of an invisible hierarchy that has guided her through all her years. The direction of this country has never changed. It has always been freedom and cooperation within her own boundaries and a larger call of world service. She is to continue this pioneering role in carrying her own “won” freedom and her ability for assimilation and cooperation into the world affairs to help unite the world. Nowhere else in the world are “individual rights” acknowledged and fostered as in the United States. This does create problems for those who are learning to be “individuals”. America has the highest usage of anti-depressions of any developed country in the world.

We must keep corruption out of the government so that its citizens can continue to be protected and nurtured to follow its destiny.

In the words of Thomas Paine, the great force of the first American Revolution who wrote “Common Sense” and “The Rights of Man” and the “Age of Reason”, he declared that “free men would be good men”, also that “economic freedom must inevitably result from political freedom, and social freedom naturally follows religious freedom”. “Real

events that changed the world

events that changed the world

happiness” he said, “can only be possible where and when men are permitted to direct their own destiny under a truly democratic government.”

He said that “the birthday of the new world is at hand….there has not been a like condition since the days of Noah. It is in our power to begin the world over again.”

Regarding the opposing forces inside the United States of the Whig, Tory or militia, “Begin by giving to all the true hand of friendship. Draw a line of oblivion to bury every former dissension. Let no party name of ‘Whig or Tory’ be heard among us, only that of good citizen, resolute friend and vigorous supporter of the rights of mankind and of the free and independent states of America.”


Where can we find a person like that today? I don’t see any Washington’s or Jefferson’s or Paine’s in the making. The petty bickering over the crumbs of the cake begs us to cooperate among ourselves and find a way out of this financial and governmental mess we have placed ourselves.

This is a Divinely Guided country. It is a catalyst of change and progress for the world. We have a responsibility to pay attention to what is going on within our country and correct it where it needs correction.

4) Upcoming events: See my website to register and more information

  • March 14th—a one hour teleseminar on the details of our times. Have some of your questions answered.
  • March 16th—talk “The Heat is On” at the Inside Edge, breakfast the University Club, UC Irvine
  • May 6th—ION’s Tucson Chapter, Friday evening, 7 pm talk on “Trends and Forecasts
  • May 7th—Tucson workshop 9:30 – 12:30 details on the Trends and Forecasts

September 23rd – 25th Chicago, Unity of Oak Park– weekend workshop on Numerology and other Sacred Secret Mystery School information. Information rare and important.



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Most of you realize that I work with individuals and corporations in helping them with their personal blueprints. It is very important work and so I continue to do it as long as I am able to do it. Each of us arrives here with a wonderful guidance system. We create it before arrival and work with it all our lives. It is important to know what you created and what is your timing in this life. Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who starts his new term at 72.

Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


Upcoming Events

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More to come…….

In the meantime—Remember that the power within you is greater than any power outside of you. Keep blessing each situation no matter how awful. The picture screen is descending—you cannot see the entire picture.

My best to you always

I look forward to hearing from you,


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