April 2013

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More News on the Way

More News on the WayApril, 2013

Table of Contents:

  • 1) The 4th Month-April
  • 2) Question and Answer
  • 3) View from the Freeway
  • 4) Trends and Forecasts
  • 5) Ponder This
  • 6) Events

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The 4th month of the year—April

Yeah for spring! It is nice to have the longer days here in the Northern Hemisphere. Great to have April arrive. The number 4 is considered the “work” number. It deals with order, structure, productivity, practicality, work, discipline and results. It goes right along with “spring cleaning” tax season and building your platform for the year. We have gotten through the numbers one and two (January & February), the results of combining the one and two—(March) the number 3—to arrive at the doorstep of the number 4—the results. This is your month to get your ideas into form or structure. Roll up your sleeves. Be a “square”. Get back to “square one”.

We are done with March and all of its bluster and delays. We had a Mercury retrograde take over March so many of your plans just lingered. Not now. There is lots of fire energy available to you so do not get discouraged. Four has always been considered the number of testing and trial before one goes out to the world. Think in terms of raining 40 days, wandering in the wilderness 40 years, being in captivity 400 years or how about the work ethic of the 40”s. Women were “allowed” to work. Get your work done in April and you will see it pay off in future months of 2013.

Question and Answer:

Are soul mates together very often?


“They are together very rarely. Do not keep looking for that other half. If one is intended to know his mathematical opposite, one will be led into the contact. The time might not be right for certain souls to be together in happy wedlock. They may have karma that would necessitate their separation.

When I say ‘opposites’, I do not mean that the soul mates are intended to look alike, think alike, or be alike. There is a unity between such a pair that does not depend on outer glamour or false hopes to keep them interested in each other. They are truly one in spirit, and they know it. There is peace about such a united couple. But, very few people have experienced this reunion.”


If one wishes to face east while sleeping, is it one’s eyes or the crown of one’s head that face east?


“The eyes as one would sit up—rather than the crown—indicates the direction. It is helpful for some people to face the east, but the direction is not too important at all.

From the north comes the energizing force. This is most beneficial for persons of astrological fire signs. From the east come all the promptings that are a part of incarnation: what to do with one’s incarnation, its purpose and the blessings of the Hierarchy. Earth signs gain the most from facing east. The south is a very gentle influence which gives benediction. The southern frequencies are especially good for water signs. The west symbolizes the most stringent impulses because it is connected to the air kingdom and the disciplinary impulses. The air signs are most stimulated by this direction.

The magnetic field influences may or may not be the same for southern and northern hemispheres; I do not know. REMEMBER, that this type of knowledge is not crucial for spiritual growth. These are merely interesting facts. Sleeping in one’s most favorable direction is helpful, but is not at all imperative.”

By Flower Newhouse from “Here are your Answers, Vol. 3” The Christward Ministry, Escondido, CA 1983.

View from the Freeway

Moving ahead into the future!

Moving ahead into the future!

The tide has turned. Maybe we are becoming more “understanding”. Gay marriage and immigration reform are coming to a theater near you. These two issues have much in common. Empathy for both is growing and it is being supported strongly by the millennial generation (those under 30). Let’s face it, the baby boomers are not center stage any more. They are still a big force and will affect Medicare, Social Security and “early bird dinners” but they are being replaced by their children. Support for gay marriage stands at about 81% by millennials. Recently, democratic Senator, Claire McCaskill, a democratic senator from Missouri (a pretty conservative state) admitted that “my children have a hard time understanding why this is even controversial”. (By the children you will be taught – or marginalized)

Another nationwide opinion survey published by Religion Research Instituted on March 21st found that 68% of Americans support an earned path to citizenship for illegal migrants. This is up six points since 2011. This does not mean that there aren’t vast differences in our citizens regarding these two issues but it does point out big generation gaps. The new leaders of tomorrow are empathetic to these two issues, have many gay friends and relatives and don’t see the fairness or justice of keeping a large segment of our society in the shadows. Besides, they are a good base for future taxation.

You will still see stand-offs with trade unions and employer groups over visas. This is very messy and begs for a workable solution for both the workers and employers. It should not cost the employers a small fortune to hire a foreign worker. In fact, it should not cost a small fortune for a company to employ anyone. In today’s market with a huge unemployed citizenry, it can be burdensome for an employer to consider all the registrations, regulations, requirements to hire one employee. Our government has made it extremely expensive to grow the employment ranks. Healthcare, disability, pension benefits and hidden costs to hiring discourage employers from hiring.

I do not believe the unemployment statistics they are delivering to the media and the market. If you consider the enormous rise in disability payments that are now replacing unemployment payments, you will get a very different employment figure. Very few people are discussing this 14,000,000 and growing section of our population which is collecting disability insurance because it has no jobs. So many people have stopped looking and are becoming entrepreneurs by default. Crowd funding by necessity is replacing bank loans (that is a good thing). The social fabric of what we consider employment is being turned on its head.

Immigration is about promoting growth and expansion. The “right” has been late to the table with immigration reform and gay marriage. It has consistently been behind the thinking of American citizens. Onward we go—kicking and screaming—but we are making progress.

Trends and Forecasts:

Pension Plans—Be watchful! Don’t bet on them as a sure thing! Many of the private and public union pensions are not fully

Stay in Front of the Eight Ball

Stay in Front of the Eight Ball

funded and some less than half funded. Bobbie Christensen in her monthly (inexpensive) newsletter, “Common Sense Portfolio” March, 2013, cites as an example, “a Federal Grand Jury indicted the former CEO of CalPERS (California Public Employees’ Retirement System) with ‘conspiring to commit fraud, obstruction of justice and other charges.’ However, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filed a lawsuit against him last year. It seems that he and a former board member of CalPERS created false financial documents to get an investment firm to pay the board member’s company $20 million in fees for investing $3 billion worth of CalPERS money. The day after the CEO retired from CalPERS, he started work at the board member’s company.” What is happening to your pension plan? Can it happen to any of the plans? What is possible? Be watchful! (I also recommend Bobbie’s newsletter www.booksamerica.com.

Immigration reform will pass by year end. Stay tuned. Tea party members are deeply opposed but do not have the votes to block Democrats and moderate Republicans.

Wages—During the last recession, 2/3’s of the jobs lost were good paying jobs—mainly in manufacturing, construction and office administration. Since then, the new jobs being created are low-paid positions in home health care, retail sales and manual labor. At least 28% of workers have jobs that pay “poverty-level wages”….less than $24,000 a year. This is up 5% from 2002 and going still higher. The low-pay problem is a very serious problem. An economy cannot grow if too many of its workers don’t have money to spend. The Kiplinger Letter, March 29, 2013

Housinghot local markets will cool as builders step in with new construction. This new construction will pump up inventories that were depleted by the scarcity of new construction since the recession began in 2007. By the summer of 2014, housing will begin to flatten and coast for a while as interest rates begin to rise and new construction creates more available housing. The larger increase in house value takes place the later part of this 10 year cycle. Look for 2017 and onward for greater appreciation.

Travel—Look for Southwest Airlines to finally begin to charge for checked luggage—also –Travel to India by females is down 35% this year due to the violence against women headlines. Tourism in general is down 25% in India due to the rapes and battering of females.

Countries that maintain a lack of respect and justice for the female will linger and appear out of step with the world’s direction. Once we crossed the year 2,000 and entered the one thousand year period of the rise in the female power and energy, it became not wise to counter this force by continued enslavement and abuse of the female. It will costs countries financially as well as their status in the eyes of the world.

Books—China has become one of the largest producers of bibles in the world. In 2012 it printed more than 12 million bibles and New Testaments. Amity Printing was founded in 1988 between Amity Foundation, an NGO linked to the China Christian Council (CCC), a government body, and the United Bible Societies (UBS), a British-based group dedicated to providing access to Christian literature. The 100 millionth bible, printed last year, is displayed proudly in the lobby.

Today, Christians make up 5% of the population, some 67 million people, according to the Pew Research Center. Unofficial headcounts say that China has more Christians than members of the Communist Party (about 82 million people). The Economist, March 30th-April 5th, 2013.


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Ponder This

Worth Thinking About

Worth Thinking About

Eternity is Now

“Learn that eternity is now, the future is now. There is no past or present or future as separate periods of time—all is within the soul’s embrace now. It is your reaction to the now which is your future. Never look into the future and anticipate this, that, or the other, for to do so is to live in fear. Live today with God, and your future can hold nothing but joy.” The Quiet Mind, White Eagle, The White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1972




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Look at former President Ronald Reagan who became president in his 70’s or new California Jerry Brown who started his new term at 72. Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens retired at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session. gail@gailminogue.com.


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