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April, 2012


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The Minogue Times—April, 2012

April Art

Table of Contents:

  • 1) Upcoming Events

  • 2) April—The 4thmonth

  • 3) Question and Answer

  • 4) View from the Freeway

  • 5) Trends

  • 6) Ponder This

Upcoming Events:

The opportunity to learn more of the “Sacred, Secret, Science” will soon be upon us. If you are considering attending this event in the Chicago area, time is running out for early registration.


Part 1—Saturday, April 21st, 10 am 4 pm, Unity of Oak Park—(Chicago Area)

  • Would you like to know more about why you reincarnated at this time?

    Ancient Mystery School Teachings

  • Why would you choose this body type?
  • What does a person’s face tell you?
  • Do you know the difference between the two halves of the face?
  • How was the brain constructed?
  • What information did the ancients know about rituals and symbolism?
  • Did they really use “flying carpets”—or is this a story?
  • Can you learn to levitate?
  • Why do we bury the dead within 24 hours in one religion and 72 hours in another?
  • What did the ancients teach us about our own lives and karma?
  • What happens when you die?
  • What type of future life am I preparing right now?
  • Why would I choose these parents?
  • Why am I drawn to certain colors, numbers, foods, places?
  • Why do I keep saying someone is a “Soul Mate”? Are they? Or—Do we want them to be?
  • Are there such things as “good luck” charms, lucky numbers?
  • Is an Angel assigned to you in each life time? If so, do you know yours—based on your date of birth? What does it mean?
  • Learn about this and other fascinating and hidden information………………

“If you would understand the invisible, look carefully at the visible.” –Talmud

Part 2—Sunday, April 22nd, 1 pm – 4 pm, Unity of Oak Park (Chicago Area)

Current Events, Trends and Forecasts for the Next 20 Years

Learn the How, Why and When’s of the:

Current Conditions

Will the US prosper?

If so, when?

What has to be done to change the current conditions?

Where Are We Headed?

  • ForecastsNext 3 years, Next 10-15 years.
  • Will there be new amendments to the constitution?
  • Will China’s currency be on par with the United States dollar?
  • Will the corporations and government act as one?
  • Will it change? When?
  • What happens in 2024?
  • Is December, 2012 the end or the beginning?
  • Trendseconomic, social, spiritual and political
  • What you need to know to make wise decisions and more……..

Early registration ends Sunday, April 15th

2) April, the 4th Month of the Year

Thank goodness April is here and some of the challenging transits of March are about to end. Mercury goes direct on April 4th and Mars goes direct on April 14th. If you have felt a bit dragging in March, you have. These types of transits really stir the pot and make it harder to get much done.

April is the 4th month of the year and the month of work, order, spring cleaning, taxes, property taxes here in Los Angeles and an overall productive month. Roll up the sleeves and keep going. Remember the number 4 is the number of work and productivity. Be as productive as you can this month. Put your foot on the gas pedal and keep moving. Eliminate behavior that is not productive. Remember what you heard about the 1940’s. Everybody went to work. Women joined the workforce, The whole nation was at war and nothing was wasted. This is true of the 4thmonth. “Waste

Working and Producing in April

not Want Not”. Be practical, be disciplined and do the job you dislike the most—first. This is the month you have been waiting for. You really want to say on May 1st, I was disciplined in April and took care of what was important. No self-deception or self-delusion this month.

Back to square one, have a square meal and a square deal while you are being fair and square and facing your problems squarely. That is the No. 4—a square month. “Remember, nature uses as little as possible of anything.” Johannes Kepler (1571-1630 German Astronomer)

3) Question and Answer

From Flower Newhouse—“Here are Your Answers”


After death can we go to classes to study clairvoyance and be able to bring it back in the next life?”


“In the Schools of Wisdom on the mental plane you will find, in great brevity and depth, every bit of information you could ever want to know. If you studied clairvoyance, you would remember. But, study would not give it to you. You have to live the sensitivity life—the life which is pure, stable and surrendered—in order to have clairvoyance that you can depend upon. People who see occasionally but have no control usually do not live the spiritual life. Those who do live the spiritual life and have the character, the self-surrender, and the necessary givingness to God will then be able to have such a charging come through them. But, they will have to prepare for it in this world, as well as in the higher worlds.”

4) View from the Freeway–Farsightedness

I was recently re-reading the book “What Are You Doing with the Rest of Your Life?” by Paula Hardin. I read it several years ago but for some reason picked it up again and went over my markings in the book. I “work” several of my books. The notes pop out at me when I want to return to them. They remind me of things I want to remember. Hardin wrote a statement that resonates strongly with me and might with you. “We need to cultivate the skill of farsightedness. How we choose to live every stage of our lives has far-reaching outcomes, even to the survival of humankind itself.”

I rarely hear people talk about “farsightedness”. Can we develop a skill of farsightedness? Does this fit with today’s instantaneous culture? In thinking in a farsighted manner, would we choose the choices we are making and have made? Are you making decisions for your life based on farsighted thinking?

Hardin uses a few examples of farsighted thinking; in particular the Judaeo-Christian scripture story of Moses and the speech he gives to his people at the beginning of the fledgling nation Israel. He sets before them the “potential for future benefit or disaster that their choices would bring.” He advised them of the behaviors he thought would lead to a healthy prosperous future and warned about the choices that would bring dire consequences. At the end he simply says “I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you might live, you and your descendants.”

Moses Story is still very Relevant

Moses uses the metaphors of life and death to make the point that it was the power of the Israelites choices both by each

Farsighted Thinker

individual and by the collective that would shape the future of the country. Not only was their future shaped by their choices but also their future generations were affected.

This is very true of us today. Each of us is always at choice to make a decision that will greatly affect our future and the future of our children, their children and their children’s children etc. The Native Americans called this the 7th generation and the Native American council would make its decisions based on the affect it would have on future generations.

Americans are faced with the same choices. What will be the affects of the choices we have made today and will make tomorrow on the future generations? Do not be lulled into ignorance. You are always making choices. We are always weighing our choices. Should I stay in this relationship? Should I take this job? Should I move to a different city? Do I buy this car? Should I go to war?

We Are Part of A 7th Generation

You cannot hold back time or save it for something. It waits for no one. Time is not our enemy. You cannot do everything faster because there will not be enough time. You can mold your future by realizing that your choices have far-reaching effects. You can manage yourself and ask yourself is what you are doing really what you want for yourself and your future generations. The generations that went before you have left their mark on you as you, also, are doing for your descendants. What crop have you planted? What harvest will they reap?

5) Trends

More Tough Times for the States

The States are in for more tough days ahead. Some 30 state budgets are in the red next year. Federal aid to states, cities and counties will continue to fall. $24 billion in assistance from Uncle Sam will disappear by the end of 2013. Expect more taxes on both income and sales as well as increased fees by the local and state governments. Expect less and pay more.

Housing Market Stays in the Dumps

Forclosures will remain high and continue to depress the housing markets. Lending will be extremely tight until the government is able to force the hands of the FHA. The economy cannot make a decent recovery unless the housing market has a turnaround. This is not happening. The banks and the requirements to get a loan have become almost draconian in nature. Keep shopping and have several choices of lenders so you have a backup if your loan falls through. It is an adversarial relationship. The requirements to get a loan on a condominium are getting even tougher. Some condominiums will discover it is very hard to sell to a buyer due to these new rules.

Get Rid of Debt Now

Cut Debt and Save

2012 and early part of 2013 are last legs of low interest rates. Plan ahead. Get rid of debt and plan on inflation rates by 2014.

Government Regulations

Unintended consequences are all over the place due to government regulations and rules. It is similar to a Gordian Knot.–or like fly paper. Most regulation is excessive and badly written. They are creating a huge collective burden on Americans and American businesses. Lawmakers think that they can lay down a law for everything. The government is micro-managing and creating huge opportunities for lobbyist activity.

Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness

Bloomberg—February 20. 2012—Icelandic Anger Brings Debt Forgiveness—(Is there a lesson here for Americans)—“Since the end of 2008, the island’s banks have forgiven loans equivalent to 13% of gross domestic product, easing the debt burdens of more than a quarter of the population, according to a report published this month by the Icelandic Financial Services Association. The island’s households were helped by an agreement between the government and the banks—which are still partly controlled by the state, to forgive debt exceeding 110% of home values. Iceland’s $13 billion economy, which shrank 6.7% in 2009, grew 2.9% last year and will expand 2.4% this year and next, the Paris-based OECD estimates. The euro area will grow 0.2% this year and the OECD area will expand 1.6%, according to November estimates. Housing, measured as a subcomponent in the consumer price index, is now only about 3% below values in September 2008, just before the collapse. Fitch Ratings last week raised Iceland to investment grade, with a stable outlook, and said the island’s ‘unorthodox crisis policy response has succeeded.

6) Ponder This

“The mind sees things that others do not. It creates its own opportunities. Preparing for the worst, it sizes up the situation for what it is. If it requires an all-out assault, the Warrior is prepared. If the option to pull back exists, only because it is prepared for the worst can it exercise that option.”

From “Think and Prepare Like a Warrior” an article by John Perkins






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Since the Soul never came here to retire, why would the personality consider that as an option? Planning on retirement has created shorter lives and less fulfilling ones. We can restructure and have many careers and life experiences but we never retire even when we think we are “in retirement”. Chief Justice Paul Stevens just retired this summer at the ripe young age of 95. Why are you any different? Plan on many careers, many experiences, and a healthy body. For clarity and understanding of your timing and your blueprint, call me or email for a private session.


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