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Free Numerology Newsletter

June 2010


Table of Contents:

– An Assessment of Where We Are

– The Minogue Report June 2010

1) The Number 6 and the Sixth Month.
Question of the Month.
3) View From the Freeway

4) Rant of the Month

1) June-the Sixth Month

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How many weddings and graduations can you attend in one month? Just about everyone is invited to one of these during this 6th month of the year. Six is considered the number of love, marriage, family, responsibility, domestic changes and improvements in the living arrangements. It is also the number of divorce. I was not surprised to learn that the Gore divorce would be announced in the 6th month.

The number six also pertains to mercy and justice. This is the month where you will witness more headlines pertaining to the “rights” of an individual, standing up to social injustice, protests and the rest. The Israeli event will produce headlines that speak to social injustice. It all goes hand in hand with the number six. Remember the 60’s? It was all about “love” and Woodstock, flowers in the hair. You had the beginning of “free” love, the pill, social injustice events—Martin Luther King Jr., voter registration in the south, marches, protests and of course, the Vietnam War.

Dusty Bunker in her book “Numerology, Astrology and Dreams” speaks of the energy of the number six. “Six and sex are very similar in sound and spelling. It was on the sixth ‘day’ that woman and man were created. And Key 6 in the Tarot is called The Lovers. Older versions of this key show a naked young woman and man facing a crowned woman (Great Mother Goddess), representing the union of opposite but complementary expressions of existence. Of course, sex was part of this expression.

Therefore, in magic, which is the art of controlling and directing the forces of nature to bring about physical change, both the pentagram and the hexagram were used. The pentagram is the five-pointed star indicating the senses,…the hexagram is the six-pointed star, representing the union of opposites. To control nature one must have control of the senses and the creative combining of opposites.”

The hexagram (6 pointed star) is a very ancient symbol that predates Judaism. Early people who predated Moses saw the hexagram as the symbol of the union of the sexes. Best wishes to the bride and groom, the lovers and those who witness the union during this “lovely” month of June.

Free Numerology Newsletter

Free Numerology Newsletter

2) Question and Answer

Do we have our own separate time frames while here on Earth?

Yes, most definitely we do. In addition to the information located in the name at birth, there is also information located in the date of birth. This information tells you of your particular time frames. You are not on anyone else’s time. I also mention here that a blueprint is at least approximately 120 years. You have customized your time here so that you will be focusing on particular experiences. Now we think we must accomplish certain milestones based on man-made laws and cultural traditions. These, however, are always changing. A good example is the changing of the age of retirement and the Social Security programs. We didn’t even have retirement programs at the start of the 20th century. Beneath all these artificial time frames lies your own personal time frame. Once you know this, you can concentrate on your own growth based on your Divine Timetable. Some people don’t really get started on their success years until past the ages of 50 and 60. Remember, the soul never came here to retire.

3) View from the Freeway

Wow, another exciting and challenging month. It is definitely testing our faith as well as our fortune. This summer is setting itself up to be quite volatile and full of sound bites. Do not be whipsawed by the headlines. They will appear scary but we seem to thrive on being scared. For your peace of mind and your health, remember to turn down the volume and take a walk fully present, without listening to your Ipod.

It is good every once in awhile to reflect on the “bigger” picture. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

1) We are closing an “Age”. What does that really mean? Answer, a great deal. You see, every 2,300 years or so, another Age is ushered in. Each Age brings with it a certain quality that is to be experienced and ingrained by the Earth’s creatures. We are standing on the precipice of a new Age while we finish up the old Age. It is not a fun place to be. The old Age is the Age of Pisces and the new Age is the Age of Aquarius. While we are in this “middle world”, we experience chaos, big Earth changes, new fears and, of course, superstition.

2) The Age of Pisces (the old Age) ushered in world religions, the opportunity to learn “emotions”, suffering, sacrifice, collective behavior and was represented by water and other fluids. This includes travel by water, baptism by water, walking on water, water into wine and hidden fluids—including oil. Oil is actually part of the “old” Age and will be passing out of our lifestyles. Just as we traveled by boat for long distances, we will be leaving traveling by fluid substances. As religious suffering and sacrifice were part of this order, they too will pass on as outdated tools. Religions from this period will also fade and be less involved in the every day life of the people. This will take many, many years but it is the natural progression of our own progress.

3) The Age of Aquarius, the new Age, will usher in the era of the “mind”. It is not ruled by water but by “air”. Our travel is by air, we use airwaves to send information and we will make breakthroughs in the use of the mind The development of the individual and its’ importance within the collective will be the focus of this period. You can expect great innovation, discoveries and problems of the mind—mental illness, the aging brain, attention deficit and more. Since we are on the brink of this Age, you are experiencing the ending of the use of oil, the clean up of the degradation left by the Piscean Age and crossovers in religious orders as they become diluted.

The oil explosion in the Gulf, the religious fanaticism around the world, the interest and increased importance placed on the environment, the world wide exposure of human right’s abuses (focus on the needs of the individual) all point to the end of the old Age and the birthing of the new.

We are in a dramatic change period right now as we remove excess from the system and focus on what are the essential ingredients of a modern society. You can expect the next 15 years to be filled with great innovation and invention and a flurry of ideas on how to apply them. While this is going on, you will also see the dark side of innovation so that humankind can learn how to work wisely with its own creations. Remember fire can be used to warm you as well as burn your house down. We have already seen the announcement last month of the first “synthetic cell”. This has great promise of many new possibilities—including some dark ideas. Progress, however, just like creation, cannot be stopped. The universe is constantly creating.

If we look at today’s headlines, we see pretty much the old Piscean way of experiencing life. Lots of group rants, suffering in the name of religion, abuses of human rights and pollution of the waterways (old Piscean water quality). We are, however, making progress. We need to stop with the “suffering” and stop adding more “suffering” on those around us. We have gotten so used to suffering that we think it is a way of life. This, too, is the old Piscean way of living.

As you travel by oil-fueled car, keep in mind that you are looking at the face of the “mind” and that you are beginning to develop your own individuality. The tribal mentality is breaking down. You are witnessing the development of the rights of the individual and the needs of the collective. There will be continuous debate and arguments as to the preservation of both (collective bargaining for example). When the next 2,300 years have passed, we will be ingrained with using our intuition and mind power.

You cannot rush this period. Everything is on its own timetable. When you force nature to accommodate itself to us, we experience the blow back (such as in the gulf). Technology will help us but we cannot forget what we learned from the prior Age of Pisces, the Age of feelings and emotions. These must be taken into account as well.

There is a rush to technology without thinking of all the unintended consequences. We are learning to use our minds wisely, to “think” things through and to not get caught up in our emotions when forcing change. Our fading Age of Pisces was to teach us how to process our emotions so that we can move forward into learning how to handle our minds. We must learn to work these together well. If we do not, we will continue on learning through harsh methods.

4) Rant of the Month

Read your food labels and stop consuming so much salt. I brought this point up a few months ago but it bears repeating. We have too much sodium in our diets and we are living longer. The two are a dangerous combination. As we age, we naturally accumulate deposits in our arteries as well as a narrowing of them. This makes it very important to support your body by making it easier for blood to flow. Excess salt does the opposite. It causes high blood which can cause strokes, heart attacks, kidney damage and poor circulation. High blood pressure also reduces sexual functioning. That should be a good incentive to reducing it.

We are addicted to the taste of salt and this is greatly supported by the food industry. If they cut back on salt, they would have to enhance the flavor of the food by more expensive herbs and other natural flavors. The industry is fighting for its right to maintain excess amounts of sodium in its foods. It is especially hidden in the frozen foods. The “freshly frozen” chicken meats, fish etc. are injected with a salt water solution to add inexpensive weight to the product. In turn, you get less food and more sodium in your system.

For the good health of your body structure (remember a blue print is close to 120 years) count your daily salt intake. Limit it to no more than 2,000 milligrams a day if you do not have high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, limit it to no more than 1,500 milligrams a day. As we purchase more ready-made, processed, frozen and take-out foods, we are in greater danger of accumulating too much sodium and are susceptible to high blood pressure. You may not always be able to control your mind, but you do have better control over your body and what goes in its mouth.

May you have good health, low blood pressure and a long life!

Until next month,

Keep trusting yourself, Gail

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