Minogue Times – Spring Edition

Never Retire.  If you work forever, you can live forever.  I know there is an abundance of biological evidence against this theory, but I’m going with it anyway.”  Byron Wien investor with the Blackstone Group Advisory Partners l.P.–80 years old.

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Numerology Reading

Hope and Promise Ahead!

1 Events

2 Months ahead–looking at April, May and June

3 Question and Answers

4 View from the Freeway

5 Trends and Forecasts

6 Ponder This

EVENTS: (Open to the public)

Carson City, NV

April 24, Friday, 7pm-9pm workshop

The Rising Power of Middle-Aged Women

Registration: http://unityofthesierra.org/


South Lake Tahoe, CA

April 26, Sunday, 12 Noon – 2 pm workshop

The Hidden Power of Your Name and Date of Birth

Registration: http://www.unityatthelake.org/


Teleseminar Roundtable Forum

May 6th, Wednesday, 6 pm to 7:15 pm

Questions and Answers on Numerology and its nuances.  What do you want to know?

Register: www.gailminogue.com


Lyndonville, Vermont

American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention

June 5th, Friday, 3 pm–Invisible Direction 75 minute talk

June 8th, Monday, 9 am – 12 noon Workshop

Invisible Direction — How Modern Times Are Governed by Unseen Forces

Registration: http://dowsers.org/conferences-2/national-convention-2.html


Houston, Texas

September 12th, Saturday 9 am – 5 pm Workshop

More information:  http://www.whiteaglelodge.org/

September, 13th, Sunday, 1 – 4 pm workshop

Registration and details to be announced–Save The Date


Chicago, IL, Burr Ridge and Glenview

October 17th, Saturday, 10 am Free talk on Times and Trends

Barbara’s Bookstore, Burr Ridge

12 pm to 2 pm Workshop

October 18th, Sunday, Unity Church talk

Barbara’s Bookstore, Glenview,  2pm-4pm

Workshop and Signing

Save the Date–More information will be announced

October 21st, Wednesday, 7 pm Wells Fargo–Financial Advisement Group

Wine, Women and Wealth

The Rising Power of the Middle-Aged Woman

Looking Ahead–April, May and June

We are into the extremely productive months of the year.  No slacking now.  Remember to work on a 9 months’ work schedule.  Have your important work done by October.  In this first month of April, you are in a universal 4 month.  We have taxes to file and spring cleaning to do.  It’s a very no-nonsense month.  We have Passover and Easter and the real beginning of Spring.  Waste no time this month.  Speaking of cleaning, this is your month to clean out your own system.  Some people do fasts during the spring.  It is the time when the liver in your body discharges its waste from the winter.  We feel lighter in the spring because the liver naturally discharges.  Help it along by eating bitter greens, dandelion teas and avoid fatty foods and liver clogging foods such as pasta, breads etc.  Eat the darkest greens possible and the more bitter the better.  Help your liver out.  It works overtime for you and gets little respect.  It is your vital organ and can help reduce high blood pressure when it is working properly.  Avoid alcohol.  Try it for a month.  We keep dissing our livers and wonder why we are so “backed up”.

May is great but look out for the Mercury Retrograde that begins on May 19th and continues until June 11th.  Remember to get much done before this sets in.  I also avoid doing surgery or signings close to the retrograde and a few days after it.  For caution-sake, consider the retrograde beginning May 15th through June 15th.  It is safer.  Give yourself more time during that period.  Pay attention to your driving.  May is a universal 5 month.  It is a good month to make changes in your plans.  What do you need to do to free up more time.  Make the changes in May.

June is the 6th month of the year and will see you more involved with family situations, graduations and weddings.  The number 6 rules the domestic situation.  Some children will prepare to leave home, divorces and marriages happen during this month and out-of-town guests come to visit.  It is busy on the domestic front.  Focus on the family and issues associated with it.  Watch what you say in these family situations.  Listen first and count to 10 before you give your response.  A good motto for this month is “stop giving my advice when not asked”.  This is really not the vacation month unless involved somehow with the family.  Even if you do not have children, if you go on vacation, take a family member.

Question and Answer:

Could you explain ESP?

Answer:  “Extrasensory perception is the ability to see, hear and be aware of states of life that are beyond physical existence.  Telepathy and clairvoyance are receptions of information that are not available to the five physical senses but are distinguished on other planes of being”

Would you please explain the abilities of those who possess the sixth and seventh senses?

Answer:  “The sixth sense is the faculty through which information flows concerning higher states of existence.  This faculty realizes intuition, clear spiritual sight, spiritual hearing and the detecting of spiritual fragrances.”

Man’s seventh sense enables him to leave his body during sleep and at death.  A highly advanced soul may safely use this faculty for traveling at will to the side of the sick, or to journey to any place he desires to visit, all in his higher bodies.”

Why are some individuals more easily and quickly awakened than others?

Answer:  “This may be due to the reason that in recent lifetimes they have already been exposed to these teachings and realities.  In other words, they are more conditioned or prepared to apply themselves.”

Here are your Answers” by Flower Newhouse, published in 1969

View from the Freeway

Exposure, exposure, exposure–especially for non-profits.  We have entered into an intense period of “exposure”.  We will be witnessing the hypocrisy of non-profits that are really “profitable companies” in disguise.  From now until the end of December 2017, you will see some shocking information about many sacred cows.  There will be yelling and denying but the odor from the manure will be difficult to avoid.  It will be loud and strong from religious organizations, non-profits for the poor and even big insurance companies such as Blue Shield that have professed to be non-profits even though they sit on billions of dollars.  They have just been called out by the state of California and have lost their non-profit status.  Actually it happened last fall but they didn’t announce it until everybody got a chance to sign up for their insurance this March.

The recent HBO special on Scientology is another exposure of a very secretive organization.  They sit on billions of dollars of investments even though their membership keeps dropping.  Even though both the FBI and IRS investigated them a few years back and they somehow persuaded the IRS to maintain their status, times now are different.  Look for more coverage on this secret organization and their antics.

Expect to see big institutions of learning coming under this spotlight.  Nobody is spared but it will be especially laser-lit on higher institutions of learning and religious affiliations.  Good organizations will rise to the top but phony gurus will be exposed for who they are.  Don’t be surprised if some well-known universities will see record low enrollment and be forced to cut back.

Even if a crime (as in the recent HBO “Jinxed”  and the Robert Durst special) took place many years ago, exposure time brings up long lost events that happened 30 years ago.  Look at poor old Richard the III who died in 1485.  They found him buried under a parking lot in England.  They just gave him a royal funeral.  It’s about time.  Talk about digging up the past.

Keep paying attention to the exposure of government, religion, personalities, corporations and possibly even you.  Keep walking the straight and narrow.  No stone goes unturned during this period.

Trends and Forecasts

Regarding the drought in California and the Southwest, it will continue all of this year, 2016 and into 2017.  There is a major transit affecting water and it will affect the entire nation.  Water is liquid gold.  Californians will see a change in their living style and its water consumption through some very tough times.  Since California provides at least 25% of fruits, vegetables and nuts for the nation, expect changes in access and pricing of these commodities.  Watering golf courses, even with recycled water, will come into question.  We will have to properly manage and restrict usage of our water resources.   Other parts of the planet will flood.  It is a combination of man-made misuse and normal transits that have occurred since the beginning of the birth of this planet.  Remember, the Sahara used to be a green lush land.

Expect to see more corporate say in equality issues.  The recent dust-up over religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas demonstrate the abrupt change of our culture.  Corporations have discovered that diversity can improve profits.  With worldwide competition at work, corporations cannot afford to have their businesses threatened by discrimination in the disguise of religious freedom.  This dog will not hunt.  The bottom line is capitalism is the newest big fan of diversity.  Wal-Mart, Apple and other large corporations are threatening to pull the plug on States that foster discrimination.  The governors in these states and other states considering this type of legislation are thinking twice of the price to be paid by passing this type of legislation.  Who ever thought it would be capitalism that would foster equality in a more effective manner.  Public opinion has changed!

“The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute projects that the advent of self-driving vehicles will cut car ownership by as much as 43%. UMTRI researchers Brandon Schoettle and Michael Sivak recently analyzed the revised edition of the 2009 U.S. National Household Travel Survey in the light of the advent of self-driving, autonomous vehicles and came to some interesting conclusions, one that is likely to trouble car makers. Schoettle and Sivak looked at how and when cars are used in multi-vehicle households and “on an average day, nearly 84% of households had no trips that overlapped or conflicted.” What this usage pattern suggests is that a self-driving automobile could, in most instances, provide transportation services for more than just one family member.”  Future Edition, March 15, 2015.

Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

“A new study from Princeton spells bad news for American democracy—namely, that it no longer exists.

Asking “who really rules?” researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page argue that over the past few decades America’s political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most power.

Using data drawn from over 1,800 different policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, the two conclude that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.”  Future Edition, March 15, 2015

TPM Interview: Scholar Behind Viral ‘Oligarchy’ Study Tells You What It Means

“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy,” they write, “while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/princeton-scholar-demise-of-democracy-america-tpm-interview

Animals may be able to sense when a tremor is about to happen!  Dr. Friedemann Freund of San Jose State University, California believes that “what animals sense before earthquakes is airborne electric charge.  The idea is that the subterranean grinding of stressed rock which precedes a quake stores charge (not unlike that built up by scuffing shoes across a carpet), some of which then flows to the surface, where it ionizes molecules in the air.  The varying electric field involved in this phenomenon should be detectable from afar.”  Excerpt from The Chickens are Restless–Predicting earthquakes.  The Economist, March 28th-April 3rd, 2015.

Four UN conferences comprise the new Bretton Woods.  They are unlikely, however, to produce institutions that will matter in 50 years.  If they go well, growth and development in poor countries can improve.  If they don’t, the outcome will be just more hot air and rhetoric.  They also show “what happens when a bureaucratic process runs out of control.  The organizers sought to consult as widely as possible.  The result is that each country  and aid lobbyist got a target for its particular ‘bugbear’ and is now unwilling to give it up unless others give up theirs. …… Rich and poor countries are divided, there is no consensus on how to tackle climate change and most countries are demanding that others, not they, should make sacrifices to strengthen the global economic system.” The Economist, March 28th-April 3rd, 2015.

Make Way for Generation Z!  This is the generation born in the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s.  Within the next three years, these will be your college graduates.  This generation is more independent than the millennials born after 1980 (also known as Generation Y).  Generation Z grew up in a healthier economy and want to be free of their parents unlike the millennials who are living with their parents and happy to save money on the rent.  Generation Z are not waiting for their parents to teach them things or tell them how to make decisions.  They are also more diverse.  It is normal to find Generation Z  with mixed racial and ethnic parents.  Generation Z still will go to traditional universities but after that you many find they go in very non-traditional directions.  Alexandra Levit has written an excellent article on this group in the New York Times–March 29, 2015.  “Despite their obvious technology proficiency, Gen Zers seem to prefer in-person to online interaction and are being schooled in emotional intelligence from a young age.  Thanks to social media, they are accustomed to engaging with friends all over the world, so they are well prepared for a global business environment.”  This is extremely promising.  We have a healthy crop of future leaders who are mature and who learn quickly.  http://bluesyemre.com/2015/03/29/make-way-for-generation-z-by-alexandra-levit/

Ponder This

Treat Bedrooms As Sacred Spaces:  “Keep your bedroom free of clutter for peaceful, restful sleep.  Treat this area as if it is a sacred space, since this is where you spend all of your sleeping, subconscious time.  It is where you leave the conscious world and go into another dimension.  Here is where you dream dreams and let yourself go.  Here is where you rest, cocooned from the world.  So keep this space sacred and special.”  Lillian Too’s 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home.

Thanks for reading!

Gail Minogue