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Blueprint of Kellyanne Conway–Trump’s Counselor

By now I am sure you have met Kellyanne Conway on most of your major media outlets.  She has beenBlonder power woman working with him since the summer 2016.  She is the  smart, blonde women who is quick to respond to negative comments about Trump and has been his loyal representative since Ted Cruz lost the primary.  Kellyanne originally worked for Cruz in the recent election.  When he lost to Trump she was brought into the Trump camp and became his campaign manager this past summer.  She ran his campaign for 10 weeks through the election.  Her background is steeped in conservative politics and Republican issues.  She is firmly against abortion.  She has also worked for Vice President Elect Mike Pence as well as Newt Gingrich.

Kellyanne’s true name at birth was Kellyanne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.  Her father was Irish and she was raised by women after her parents’ divorce when she was 3 years old.  Her Mother, Grandmother and other female relatives raised her.  I am sure this has given her a strong preparation for female leadership.  She was born on January 20, 1967 and on inauguration day, she will be 50 years old.

You will hear and see much more of Kellyanne Conway (her husband of 16 years is an attorney as is Kellyanne).  She has some pretty strong numbers and is a force all her own.  I believe that she will one day run for office as she has numbers that support this direction.  Trump is just a stepping stone for.  Hopefully, he will be a good influence.  My questions is how long will she stay with him.

Kellyanne was born with a Master Number 44 Life Path.  This is big and is the boss.  She may be one of the most powerful persons he has working for him.  She has to lead and cannot stay a subordinate.  Master Number 44/8 is a result of adding up her full date of birth and reducing the numbers.  Usually a Master Number Life Path of the number 44/8 indicates past live (s) where much power was gained, some of it through ruthless means.  This is Kellyanne’s lifetime to balance this Karma and to put her energies to work for the world’s underprivileged.  It will not work and will come back at her if she just goes for the power.  The number 8 is the number of karma and is ruled by the planet Saturn.  Owning the number 44 is great in that it gives you great stamina and energy but she must learn to efficiently manage her energy, time and money in that order.  She must use her power to advance humanity.  She must maintain strong ideals and work with people of wealth and power to promote harmony, philanthropy and large visions that improve society.  If she does not, there can be large failures.  She cannot ignore higher aspirations of the Soul.  If she tramples over others or becomes too egocentric, she could abdicate her greater possibilities and become a workaholic (through the numbers 44) and be relegated to minor positions with restricted activities.

She is very smart and graduated both Magna Cum Laude in 1989 and later Phi Beta Kappa with a J.D. with honors.  Her work ethic is strong but she may take on more than is manageable.  She is the mother of 4 children and must juggle these enormous responsibilities.  She has dual personalities the numbers 8 and 6 (from the consonants in her name).  Both of these lead.  The number 6 always believes they know what is best for you.  Her Soul numbers are 3 and 5.  Both of these are communicators and sales persons.  She can talk quickly and sell what you never thought you needed.  Her destiny number or the direction she needs to go with this life is another Master Number, the 11.  Here she becomes the inspirational speaker, peacekeeper and negotiator.  These are powerful combinations.

What is her achilles heel?  It is the number 4.  It is missing in her name.  She is overdoing this number as most people do when missing the number 4.  She is a workaholic.  This will not go well over time.  Kelly misses the energy of fire in her chart and you can easily see this on many of her interviews that she is really burned out.  With Master Numbers, especially the number 11, they have finely tuned nervous systems and so does Kellyanne.  If she does not watch her energy levels carefully, they will fail her.  This is especially true of 2017.  This is a very karmic year for her and matches her karmic missing number 4.  She will be forced to work very hard.  Trump has a number 4 Life Path and prizes hard work.   I would not be surprised if later in 2017 or sometime in 2018 she leaves this position .  She is going through an identity change that completes itself in December of 2017.  She will need change in 2018.

If she does leave this position, she does not leave politics.  She may need to make changes as she conducts her life but she was born to be in politics and government.  (She has her own polling company called “The Polling Company/Women Trend”).  She cannot be a normal politician and expect to last.  With these powerful Master Numbers, more is demanded of her.  She will have to be very honest, be very fair and not look to escape the issues.  There is a need in her chart to create healthy escapes.  Due to a tough childhood, she created escapes.  Her physical needs were met but not her emotional needs.  As a result, she understands how people suffer and she can help to relieve the general suffering of the human condition.  The question is will she succumb to ruthless power or take the higher road of conscious leadership?  It is her choice.  She is and will be tested in this lesson.


11 responses to “Blueprint of Kellyanne Conway–Trump’s Counselor”

  1. Sharon says:

    Today’s march far exceeded expectations with a turn out in 60 countries! DC alone exceeded inauguration attendance with estimated 500,000 (and possibly more), Chicago 250,000 and NYC marchers just arrived at Trump Towers and what a passionate roar they made that could be heard for miles away.

    Gail, your prediction about the future divine feminine has kicked in big time today and this certainly is a huge mirror of seeds being planted. Women are on the move world wide!

  2. Sharon says:

    Kellyanne is obviously smart and her master number of 44/8 is impressive and I’m sure very rare. However, she appears to lack integrity, as she is disingenuous an deliberately misleads when it comes to D.T.

    I believe Bono is a 44/8 and unlike Conway, he uses his life to inspire and make a difference through his benefit concerts and spiritual, social and political themes of his songs to engage change. He’s passionate about helping others and a positive force for the “underdog” and that certainly can’t be said about Trump or Conway or any of their cabinet nominee choices.

    I hope someday you will do an overview of Rachel Maddow. Love her show and she is one authentic, compassionate and caring journalist!
    Thanks for all you share, Gail!

  3. Caroline Leban says:

    Not a fan of Kellyanne Conway, but given her background, etc. it is amazing how tough she really is. However, Rachel Maddow is my favorite
    and much easier and brighter. Conway doesn’t hold a candle to her. Look forward to the 25th.

  4. Chris Foutris says:

    Of course she’ll stay in politics…I’ve not seen her being especially warm towards other women, Hah, given her upraising
    …as for humanity…and caring for others…I’ve seen ZERO proof of that…she talks about helping people…talk being the operative word
    …and she’s admittedly quite effective at it…but, like with her boss, I believe you said, Gail…She can talk quickly and sell what you never thought you needed.

    IMHO The two of them are the embodiment of the opposite …”She (They) will be slow at getting you what you really need…if at all.”

  5. Loretta Ricciardi says:

    I love Kellyanne! It is a refreshing change to see a woman in politics who does not lash out at people who don’t agree with her. I’m tired of seeing the angry feminist. Case in point is Elizabeth Warren who refused to shake Betsy DeVos’s hand (as the other Senators did) after her Senate hearings.

    Articulate, smart and classy. She knows how to debate respectfully.

  6. Pam McKenna says:

    She is a force of nature, to be sure. The only interview I saw her do, where she met her equal, was with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.
    Both women are highly intelligent and terrific communicators…but in the end…history and facts out match ideology…plain and simple.

  7. Gail Minogue says:

    Gail Minogue here, In answer to your question about 2 personalities and 2 soul numbers, Kellyanne’s letter “y” can be used as both a vowel and/or a consonant. In this case it is used as both. She has other vowels in her name but the letter “y” is sounded as a vowel. I gave her both attributes. Her name, course, is the sum total of all her letters and is the Master Number 11. She aims to go in this direction. A light worker. Let’s see how working in his administration allows her to shine.

  8. Gail says:

    Very interesting! I don’t agree with her politics, but I can recognize that she is VERY sharp and VERY good at what she does. You mention 2 personalities and 2 soul numbers – how do you get 2 of them in your name? Just curious.

  9. Pam says:

    Fascinating, Gail, and somewhat scary too. She is clever one. Quick and clever. I personally don’t think clever is really what we hunger for now. Maybe she’ll be able to tap into compassion. That would be a nice surprise.

  10. Debbie says:

    How will it play out with the disruption of a Donald Trump presidency? REALLY , Gail ?

    Loved the article. I think she will do great if she ever goes Political . What I worry about are her four children….there must be zero time, for them….that jobs hours are ridiculous. I hope she doesn’t have a breakdown. I have no idea, how she does it . She must be a Manifesting Generator, in Human Design….she wears me out just watching her. She does look totally exhausted some days !!!
    Thanks, Again.

  11. dick tippett says:

    very interesting. he seems to draw powerful women to himself, then gives them roles of power and responsibility. it is a good thing.

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