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Why We Don’t Have Great Leaders - Feb 23, 2020

Where are the great leaders?  It seems to me I don’t see them in the news, the business world, the
government, the social structure or the spiritual/religious structure.  What has become of the greatness in our leaders of today?  What makes up greatness?  Have we succumbed to success and not greatness?  Have we measured greatness by bank accounts, celebrity status,  the ability to control more people or headlines and tweets?

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Kobe Bryant-A Shooting Star - Feb 2, 2020

The world was shocked and saddened last week by the abrupt departure of one of the world’s best
basketball players and princely figures.  That someone so popular, charismatic and young could just quickly leave our human condition demonstrates again that we live our lives from moment to moment.  We think our lives from days, weeks, months and years but the truth is it could end in a flash and, and for some of us, it does.

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