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Pay Attention to Your 7 Year Soul Cycle - Apr 25, 2018

Most of us just continue the journey of our lives growing through childhood, puberty, teenagers, young adults, older adults and finally old age. We do or don’t celebrate birthdays as we age but we keep having them as long as we stay above ground. I have often said a blueprint can be quite long, 120 years, but rarely do we reach these later years. We pretty much burn ourselves out by our 50’s and 60’s and then begin to deteriorate into our 70’s and 80’s leaving a bunch of years never lived. We haven’t a clue of the ongoing seven year Soul cycles that focus on specific growth in awareness and behavior as we travel through our lives.

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell–Living with Chaos and Uncertainty - Apr 5, 2018

Supposedly, or so I hear from the various reports, the economy is doing well, unemployment is record low, jobs are out there longing for applicants, wages are supposedly rising and there is peace in the kingdom (I made up the last one). Why then, does there seem to be so much uncertainty and anxiety in the general population. We should be sitting on top of the world looking at our rising savings accounts and having various job opportunities to pick and choose. Instead, there is chaos and uncertainty as shown by the stock markets’ gyration and the general population’s waiting for another shoe to drop.

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