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The Importance of March–the number 3 month - Feb 28, 2017

The month of March, as they say, comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. It tumbles out of January and February and leaves us with the feeling of the opportunity to move forward. At last the hangover month of January and the slow moving month of February are over and we can now start to move out with our plans and goals. The number one and two months of January and February have resulted in the number 3, March. Another way of describing it is to combine the two energies of one and two, or Mother and Father, have birthed the baby of March. The creation has appeared. It is

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Careless Empty Words Devoid of Meaning - Feb 22, 2017

For those who have supported him and turned a blind side to his coarse and vulgar words, to his continual focus on his self-importance, to his delight in being less-informed and his repetition of strings of words and superficial formulas, this will be a year of truth. We will all see that. It is important to recognize that the attack on the press is normal but to try and get the American people to dismiss, distrust and destroy the press is not normal. It is the mark of a tyrant. Be wise because Americans take much for granted in that they believe we have many checks and balances. The press is the safety net of a free democracy. As Trump tries to marginalize it, he continues to demonstrate his fear of it. His accusations of fake news

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Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil McGill Gorsuch - Feb 2, 2017

He’s young and in the midst of his 7th soul cycle. What does that mean? It means he is just starting to integrate himself with life. It takes 7 soul cycles to reach this stage of life where you have lived enough life to begin to free yourself from your “should’s”. These are the things that you bought into or what your parents said you should do or society said you should do. It is, in short, the time of stepping out in the world. Each soul cycle is 7 years long and we transition into a more sincere life when we reach the age of 50. Each soul cycle lasts one year. In Neil’s case age 49 to 50.

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