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Do You Have the Right to Live? - Aug 30, 2016

I was recently asked this question by my doctor–of all people? Who asks that type of question? I have heard the question “do you deserve to live” but never do you have the right to live. It defintely took me by surprise. As is all things of life, we must take into consideration the context in which it was asked. In this case, my doctor always is concerned about your emotional and mental well-being as he is in your physicial well-being. He knows that you won’t have good physical well-being unless you have the other two. He was asking me about my stress level. He then goes on about how stress will kill you. He’s very blunt! He then goes on about how are you sleeping, are you eating etc. It’s all very direct and no nonsense.

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Coarser, Louder, Harder–Where is the Peace? - Aug 9, 2016

Is it me, my age, my ears? I am not sure if it’s not all of them. Is our society just more edgy, more loud, more rude, more of everything? I still think we crave time to process what we have created and quietude to calm ourselves. I was at, of all things, a flea market. I haven’t been to one in years. I was told a certain artist would be there so off I went to meet her. It was fun and I like all the people milling around selling and buying. I went to a stand to buy one of the fresh juice drinks. I had fresh watermelon. It was great. There was a very loud band playing and I sort of took it in stride but it was right by the juice merchant who had to listen to it all day. He said they just get louder and it was his feeling that they weren’t that good but they would play louder so as to get the attention. He then said that was what he noticed about different bands, they would play even louder when they weren’t good.

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Chelsea Clinton-Powerful Daughter’s Numbers - Aug 2, 2016

Chelsea Victoria Clinton, born February 27, 1980 is our second post on the powerful daughters of our Presidential candidates Donald and Hillary. Chelsea is definitely her parents’ child. She has the same life path (the number 11) as her father and the same destiny (the number 3) as her mother’s life path. All her numbers point to inspiration, the gift of the word and the soul and personality of the server. I would wager money that this women will be a political figure or an important public figure. She was groomed for fame and has the same life path as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, John McCain etc. Her greater work will not begin until she gets in her mid 40’s and most likely 50.

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