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Why You May or May Not Live a Long Life - Mar 20, 2014

I recently taught a class on how your own personal blueprint (your birth name) reveals the direction for your life during your

Do I stay or do I go???
Do I stay or do I go???

latter years. There are three parts to the life plan of each soul. There are the “Youth” years that are age 0 to approximately 28. There are the “Power” years from age 29-30 to about ag3 54-55 and the final segment, the “Wisdom” years. These begin at age 54. It is during this time period from age 54 to 81 years that we make the decision on how we plan to live our finals days. Since a blueprint is at least 120 years long, it behooves us to consider what we will be doing the 2nd half of our lives–starting at age 60.

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