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The Potentials and Pitfalls Hidden in Your Name - Oct 22, 2013

Within your name lies a step-by-step approach to your life from its beginning to its end. What is your life to express, what problems can you anticipate on the way and what talents will help you? What are the keys to your success? How can you attain certain goals? What is the timing for all of this? How much has your soul grown on its journey and what record do you carry of this growth? Did you think you just were born without a plan?

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The Backlash of Congressional Behavior - Oct 14, 2013

The sky will not fall and the sun will rise tomorrow. Life goes on with or without this dysfunctional leadership in Washington. You only have to look at the charts of two key players in this Tea Party Express Holds Rally In Detroitfight, Ted Cruz, the very junior senator from Texas (1 year in office) and John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representative to know the game. Both of these men have life paths of the number six and truly believe they know what is best for us. Each number has its dark and light sides and when it goes to extreme it is a sight to see.

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